A Brief History of
North Carolina Housing Services & Management Corporation

The Corporation was formed in 1998 as North Carolina Housing Services Corporation.  Its purpose was to provide a cohesive program of training and technical support for Services Coordinators in multi-family properties serving low-to-moderate income seniors and families.  The job of the Services Coordinator is to link the residents of affordable housing to services available in the community, thereby improving their housing stability and increasing their quality of life.                                                                                        

In October of 2002, the scope of the corporation was expanded to add property management for properties serving families, the elderly, and persons with special needs/disabilities.  The name was changed to North Carolina Housing Services & Management Corporation (NCHSM).  The addition of management services implemented by an experienced staff created a comprehensive package under one roof, unique in the property management industry.  The combining of all project staff members under a single employer promoted a team approach that works for the benefit of residents, owners/sponsors and to the physical and financial well-being of each property. 

In 2006 development services were added.  This gave NCHSM the expertise and experience to offer consulting services to owners/sponsors interested in the development and operation of affordable housing. 

NCHSM now provides a combination of experienced management, coordination of services, knowledgeable maintenance staff, and expert consultation services, creating a complete package of services for owners/developers of affordable permanent and transitional supportive housing.


NCHSM has attracted an impressive sampling of community leaders for its Board of Directors that represent an aggregate of many years’ experience in housing such as attorneys, bankers, developers, appraisers, corporate and civic leaders.  They are dedicated to the provision of housing and services to a growing segment of the population that fall into low and very low-income categories with special interest in the elderly, persons with disabilities, and the homeless.  Their combined knowledge gives direction and adds stability to the organization.

Board of Directors

Craig Peatross, President
Sr. Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank

Mallory M. Oldham, Secretary
Attorney, Bell Davis & Pitt, PA

Garry Merritt
Real Estate Developer


NCHSM currently manages 47 properties with a total of 1,465 apartment units,  The projects include HUD properties, Low-Income Housing Tax Credit properties, Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities, and VA transitional housing.  Rental assistance programs include Section 8, HAP/PRAC, KEY assistance, and VA Per Diem.  The units include apartments for families, the independent elderly, handicapped and special needs persons, and the homeless.

In April of 2007, just four years after starting up, NCHSM received its first overall rating of “Superior” on the HUD Team Management Review of the Agent’s Management Policies and Procedures.  This review is conducted by HUD on a continuous basis to insure quality management procedures by approved management companies and is the highest rating that can be received.


The North Carolina Housing Services and Management Corporation has attracted employees with longstanding experience in housing to staff their home office located in Winston-Salem, NC.  NCHSM employs individuals with the education, experience and dedication to insure the highest level of service for the industry.

Management/Services/Consultant Certifications Held by Staff Members

Staff Resumes

The following summary of the NCHSM management team is designed to illustrate the extensive experience that our staff has in development, property management, accounting, human resources, resident services and management in general.  Our team has over 130 year of combined experience in property management.

John Nichols

John has been working in property management since 1988, previously employed as Vice President of Property Management for a large management company that specialized in affordable housing.  He joined NCHSM in March of 2007.  John has had extensive experience in all aspects of property management.  His expertise is in asset management with extensive experience in rehab/renovations of properties in all areas of construction.  He is well known with each of the federal/state housing agencies as he has dealt with them for a number of years at the upper management level. 


Marie Ivester
Director of Human Resources

Marie joined NCHSM in March of 2007.  She is responsible for personnel issues, including payroll, employee health benefits, 401k program, and handling of the company insurance.  She was previously employed by US Airways for twenty five years prior to joining NCHSM.  When her position with US Air was relocated to Tempe, Arizona, she chose not to relocate.  She was a supervisor in the Revenue Recognition Department, supervising a staff of 40 people, including hiring, directing work, evaluating, training and procedural documentation.  She coordinated payroll and attendance for a department of 70.  She served as FMLA administrator for the department and facilitated meetings with departmental supervisors to review and rewrite attendance and work rule policies for the Revenue Accounting Department of over 250 employees.  She continues to attend seminars related to Human Resources for continuing education. 



Wendy Hutchins
Director of Property Management and Compliance

Wendy joined NCHSM in November 2007 bringing with her seven years of compliance training and computer support experience in property management plus a year as Assistant Site Manager for a 202/8 property.  She is responsible for keeping up with compliance changes and implementing them on site, creating new forms and updating, procedures and policies per changes in regulatory agency rules and guidelines.  Wendy is responsible for training site personnel on compliance issues and new software.   She is in charge of IT/Computer issues.  Wendy schedules training for site personnel to assure compliance with each agency for various program requirements.  Along with Wendy’s other duties, she is the Regional Property Manager for several properties. 



Robert Nixon
Regional Property Manager

Robert joined NCHSM in 2016 bringing with him seventeen years of property management experience. He was previously employed by the nation’s largest provider of affordable housing for seniors. Prior to that he worked for a property management company that specialized in the development and management of affordable housing for families and seniors. Robert’s expertise is in rehabilitation projects having overseen multiple refinance rehabs and capital improvement projects.



Teresa Wood
Director of Resident Services

Teresa joined NCHSM in 2002 as Service Coordinator for Koerner Place Apartments, where she had worked since 1994.  As Director of Resident Services, she now oversees the Residents Services Program including Service Coordination, Transportation Services and Social Activities.  Teresa has 15 years experience as a trainer/speaker.  She has over 500 hours of training in Service Coordination, aging, gerontology and human resources.  She has prior experience in the real estate industry as a market analyst, preparing market feasibilities for the U.S. Department of HUD, Rural Development, Housing Finance Agencies, Community Development Organizations and private financing companies.  Teresa is also a member of the advisory committee for the Southeastern Affordable Housing Management Association (SAHMA) and a founding member of the American Association of Service Coordinators.



Diana Gallagher
Compliance Specialist

Diana joined NCHSM in 2006 as a compliance specialist and has experience as an on-site manager.  She reviews all move-ins, annual/interim recertifications and move out files for all properties to insure compliance for the various programs.  Along with Wendy she performs on-site audits of forms, files, procedures, and policies, along with various other compliance issues. 



Anitra Rush
Compliance Specialist

Anitra joined NCHSM in July 2007 as an On-Site Manager. Since 2014 she has worked as a Compliance Specialist and also works in Computer Program Support. 



Tammy Vernon
Director of Finance

Tammy joined NCHSM in 2008 as Director of Finance.  She has 28 years experience as an accountant specializing in HUD properties, including experience in auditing, bookkeeping, payroll administration, and working with non-profit companies.  Her job consists of property accounting, internal control management of property assets, timely maintenance of property records, general ledger creation, payment of invoices, and the production of financial statements.  Tammy also works closely with our outside auditors for each property to assure the integrity of the financial information and makes recommendations in regard to accounting and financial matters.  Tammy was previously employed by an audit firm as a Senior Accountant that was responsible for conducting audits for HUD multifamily properties, conventional multifamily properties, and other various businesses. 



Kim Lineberry
Senior Property Accountant

Kim joined NCHSM in May 2017 as a property accountant supporting the Director of Finance and multiple housing sites.  She handles the general ledgers of the properties, along with payment of invoices and maintaining the financial schedules for auditing purposes.  She brings with her more than thirty years of accounting experience in general ledger reporting.



Lisa Church
Property Accountant

Lisa joined NCHSM in March 2019 and was looking for a position to utilize her educational skills and accounting experience. She brings with her six years of experience as a Property Accountant working at a large management company specializing in  affordable housing. She also has worked as an Office Manager at a family owned business. She assists the Senior Property Accountant in maintaining financial records and schedules, posting deposits, processing security deposit dispositions and balancing bank reconciliations. She gives accounting support to regional and onsite managers. She loves a challenge and looks forward to a rewarding career at NCHSM. 



Katie Ivester
Office Manager/Accounting Assistant

Katie joined NCHSM in January 2011 part time as Accounting Assistant.  She added the additional responsibilities of Office Manager and became full time in May 2011.  As Office Manager, she oversees all aspects of daily office operations.  She also assists the Director of Finances with processing invoices, updating financial spreadsheets and assisting as needed.  Before joining NCHSM, Katie attended Forsyth Technical Community College and has worked part time at Pace Airlines assisting in the Finance Department. 



Diane Evans
Retired (Director of Development)

Diane’s work involves the development of new affordable, multi-family rental housing properties including identification of prospective development sites, coordination of participants, preparation of HUD, NCHFA and other funding applications, and monitoring of construction for NCHSM. She also serves as consultant on a variety of projects for other owners/sponsors in the same capacity. Recent developments have included HUD Section 202 new and renovation projects, Section 811, NCHFA Supportive Housing, and some unique community collaborations for the creation of housing for the homeless, including housing for homeless veterans. Before joining the company in 2006, she was employed by Perry C. Craven Associates, Inc., a consulting firm developing affordable housing projects in North and South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia, for six years as the Section 202/811 Program Manager assessing market feasibility, site locations, construction liaison, and as a consultant on numerous projects.