Management Services

Management Services include management setup, staff training, asset management, financial management, independent audits, and regulatory compliance.

An on-site manager, maintenance personnel, and (in some cases) service coordinators are employed at each apartment community.

All communities are designed and run in a manner to encourage interaction with the surrounding neighborhood and community. Community rooms and buildings may be available for use by community groups for meetings and programs. Residents are encouraged to participate in activities as well as bring friends and families to visit.

Team Approach

NCHSM provides a comprehensive package of management for all properties. NCHSM believes that the operation of an individual apartment community is far better when addressed with a team approach. With managers, resident services coordinators, and maintenance stuff under a single employer, coordination among staff members works to the benefit of residents and to the physical and financial well-being of the property as a whole. Working with the entire staff allows the control necessary to provide consistently high-quality management. It also makes NCHSM unique in the industry to merge affordable housing with supportive services to provide the complete package.

Additional staffing has allowed NCHSM to bring the development process in-house. NCHSM has the capacity and experience to offer consulting services to other organizations interested in the development of affordable housing either independently or in partnership.

Coordination of Services

As a society, we value independence, autonomy, and privacy, while longing for a sense of community. More than 90% of elderly persons live in ordinary houses or apartments. As a result of older persons' desire to remain at home and the increasing number who need assistance to do so, the concept of supportive housing has increased in importance and popularity.

Scope of Services

The North Carolina Housing Services & Management Corporation is a private not-for-profit corporation providing the following services:

CONSULTING SERVICES including assistance with -- but not limited to:

  • Market Studies

  • Project Planning

  • Site Selection

  • Application Preparation

  • Development Team Selection

  • Construction Monitoring

  • Technical Support

  • Community Liaison

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES for affordable housing for low and moderate income families, elderly adults, persons with disabilities/special needs, and transitional/permanent housing for the homeless:

  • Management Setup

  • Staff Training

  • Financial Management and Reporting

  • Internal Audits

  • HUD Insured Mortgage Refinancing

  • Extensive Rehab Experience

  • Quality Property Maintenance

  • Property Inspections

  • Program and Management Reports

  • HAP/PRAC Contract Management

  • Rent Increases

  • Marketing Specialist

  • Occupancy Requirements

  • Compliance Requirements

  • 504 Compliance / Fair Housing

  • Quality Assurance



NC Quadel Consulting Group
Bruce M. Bonifant

HUD Greensboro Office
Danette McAlister
336-547-4000 # 2001

HUD Greensboro Office
Annie Mayes
336-547-4000 # 2010

HUD Greensboro Office
Lorraine Satterwhite


NC Housing Finance Agency
Mary Reca Todd

Bernard Robinson & Company
Erica Vernon

Blanco Tackabery, PA
Carolyn Scogin, Attorney

Project Owners

McDowell Housing Corporation
Jerry Padgett
Blue Ridge Terrace

Accessible Apartments of Charlotte, Inc.
Lee Schulte, Board President
Hickory Place Apartments

Christian Village, Inc.
Garry Merritt
Carolina Christian Village Homes
Carolina Apartments

Cottages of Chester Village, Inc.
Steve Bishop, Board President
The Cottages of Chester